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What is

Breast Augmentation? 

Breast augmentation is a well-known cosmetic surgery procedure that increases the size and shape of the breasts by surgical inserting breast implants filled with either sterile salt water or silicone gel.

There is also a fat transfer breast augmentation where body fats stored in unwanted parts of the body are harvested through liposuction and are injected into the breasts.

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Why undergo breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Brisbane knows that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go through a cosmetic surgery procedure like breast augmentation. Some may have gone through a difficult challenge in life that altered the appearance of their breasts. Some may want to bring back the fullness of their breasts before pregnancy or any important life event. Others simply want to enhance how their breasts look. All these reasons boil down to the fact that breast augmentation as an enhancement procedure may help them earn their confidence back so that they may feel better about themselves.

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What are the types of breast implants?

At Breast Augmentation Brisbane, there are 2 types of breast implants based on the filling or its composition, either saline breast implants (filled with sterile salt water) or silicone-gel breast implants. There are also round breast implants if you want to add volume to the upper and lower part of your breasts, and a teardrop or anatomical implant that has a flatter upper part and gradually curves on the lower side of the breasts to keep a subtle and natural-looking enhancement. Your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon may explain this further, so book an appointment with us!

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Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Being physically healthy is the primary requirement for people who would want to have breast augmentation. However, clients’ expectations of how they would look afterward should also be realistic and toned down. For Breast Augmentation Brisbane, having an achievable expectation and not an ideal one would affect a client’s satisfaction and appreciation of breast augmentation as a cosmetic surgery option. Have a chat with our expert Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon to know what to expect in a breast augmentation procedure.

About Us

We, at Breast Augmentation Brisbane, only have one principle: Beauty should be available to all. Everyone should be free to explore their body’s best version. That principle has been fully embraced by our practice. Today, Breast Augmentation Brisbane has been the number one cosmetic surgery clinic in Brisbane. Our outstanding service and patient rapport have even reached the attention of most Australians all over the world. This just goes to show that nothing can beat quality service and genuine concern for the welfare of your clients.

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Need Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

Breast augmentation can be performed on patients who want to increase and enhance their breasts’ size, shape, and texture using breast implants.

With Mastopexy, commonly known as a Breast Lift, the client’s main concern is how to ‘lift’ their sagging breast without necessarily increasing their size. These clients are already satisfied with the size of their breasts and no longer needs implants to emphasize them.

At Breast Augmentation Brisbane, we offer both of these surgical procedures depending on your needs and preference. Contact us to know more.

Additional facts on Breast Augmentation

What are the possible risks and complications?
Like all surgical procedures, cosmetic or not, minor or major, Breast Augmentation Brisbane believes that risks and complications are expected but can be prevented. Proper research and information, lifestyle changes, and planning on the patient’s side should be made in order to prepare oneself for the possible outcomes of breast augmentation. Years of experience and expertise of the Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon is also a valuable part of a successful breast augmentation procedure.

Some of the most common risks and complications found in breast augmentation include but are not limited to the following.

  • Capsular contracture
  • Wound Infection
  • Obvious scarring or keloid formation
  • Major bleeding
  • Wound drainage complications
  • Bruising or hematoma
  • Persistent pain

At Breast Augmentation Brisbane, most of these events are resolved by taking prescribed antibiotics and pain medications. Bruising and swelling may also be relieved over time; however, should these symptoms persist, call the attention of your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon so that no untoward and further complication would arise.

What are the different Breast Augmentation incision sites?
Patients whose concern is the scarring an incision can make after breast augmentation can choose one of the 4 sites Breast Augmentation Brisbane can offer where the incision for the breast augmentation can be made.

  • Inframammary: This incision is done along the breast fold under your breasts, or what others call your underboob. This site can accommodate all types and kinds of breast implants. at Breast Augmentation Brisbane, this site is also used when repair of breast implants are needed.
  • Transaxillary: This site can be found on a crease of a patient’s armpit. This site is compatible with round breast implants and is preferred by Breast Augmentation Brisbane patients who easily scar or are keloid formers. Teardrop breast implants, however, cannot be inserted here as proper positioning should be done when using that type of implant.
  • Periareolar: This site is made along the edge of the areola, the pigmented part of the breast around the nipple. This enables any scar to be concealed; however, only small breast implants can be inserted using this approach because of the limited size of the incision that can be accommodated by the areola.
  • Transumbilical: This site is found on the navel or belly button. This approach is suitable for saline breast implants but cannot be used for pre-filled silicone breast implants as it would be difficult for it to pass through this site. Also, marks made by the instruments to be used while utilizing this site may be made across the abdomen. These considerations make it the most uncommon breast augmentation incision site in Australia and rarely used by Breast Augmentation Brisbane.
What are the implant placements for breast augmentation?
At Breast Augmentation Brisbane, breast implants may be placed under the chest muscle, known as the submuscular approach, or in front of the muscle, or the subglandular approach.

The submuscular approach is said to lessen the possibility of capsular contracture but can be more painful post-surgery when compared to the subglandular approach.

The subglandular approach may entail faster surgery time and is less painful during recovery, but some complaint of having their implants a bit more noticeable. Also, this approach may interfere with mammograms as the implants are directly behind the breast tissue.

You can ask your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon for advice on which approach will be preferable for your situation.

How is the breast augmentation procedure done?
After discussions about the type of implant to use, site placement, and other considerations with your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon, preparation for the procedure will begin. During the surgery, general anesthesia is commonly introduced, or some anesthesiologists prefer to use twilight sedation. Your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon will create an incision that can accommodate passage of the breast implant into the breast. A pocket for the implant will be made so that it would be securely placed in the breast. Drainage tubes may then be placed and bandages will be placed or a surgical bra will be used to secure and support the chest area.
What should I expect after breast augmentation surgery?
Swelling of the breasts and its surrounding parts will be expected after surgery. Bruising, discomfort, and pain may be addressed by prescribed pain medications. Most Breast Augmentation Brisbane patients are allowed to go home the same day given that no other complications arose. Proper rest and diet are recommended to accelerate healing and recovery. Work, activities of daily living, and exercise may gradually be resumed upon Breast Augmentation Brisbane doctor’s approval. Routine mammograms and follow-ups with your Breast Augmentation Brisbane surgeon will also be requested to monitor your progress and to assess overall integrity of the procedure.

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