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Have you thought about getting breast augmentation surgery to improve your breasts size and appearance? You may have obtained information over the internet and through close friends and relatives about the procedure’s cost and the plastic surgeon whom you want to perform your breast enhancement. But were you able to get effective and useful tips on how to have a fast and safe breast augmentation recovery? Here are some clinically-proven tips and reminders on how to care for your newly-enhanced breasts post-surgery.

Breast augmentation recovery tips:

Follow your surgeon’s advice. It is the most important tip you can get in any surgical procedure. Your doctor’s detailed post-operative instructions are formulated based on their in-depth experience in doing breast augmentation procedures. Do not take any of these guidelines lightly so you can have a better breast augmentation recovery experience.


Know your medications. Mild to moderate pain or discomfort after the procedure allows you to take prescribed pain medications. Just be sure that the medicines you are taking are allowed by your plastic surgeon. Some pain relievers, like aspirin, have other side effects that may cause unwanted complications.


Be mindful of your symptoms. Nausea is very common in breast augmentation surgery, so arm yourself with prescribed nausea medication. Numbness or hypersensitivity over the operative area is also a common complaint; this is expected during your breast augmentation recovery period. However, if you experience severe pain, discomfort, or any serious side effects like bleeding and prolonged swelling, do not hesitate to seek your plastic surgeon’s attention to avoid further complications.


Moisturise. Before your surgery, you should moisturize your body to get supple, smooth, healthy-looking skin. After the surgery, you must seek the approval of your plastic surgeon first as to when it is best to apply moisturizers to your breasts. Though moisturizers are essential to avoid stretch marks and scars, applying it to fresh wounds would hinder it from healing faster.


Proper wound care. Follow your surgeon’s wound care instructions carefully. Avoid removing your bandages frequently and unnecessarily to prevent its exposure to infection-causing bacteria.


Follow realistic expectations. During the earlier parts of your breast augmentation recovery, your implants may look higher than expected. Do not be alarmed as they will settle to their appropriate positions as you heal.


Make adjustments. Sleep and rest longer to aid in the healing process. Sleep upright with pillows supporting your back. During your breast augmentation recovery period, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing so as not to irritate your operative area. These garments should also spare you from raising your arms when putting them on.

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