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Who doesn’t want to have an amazing, sculpted body? For sure, no woman will claim that she wanted to have a muffin top or small, almost non-existent breasts. So when the bandwagon for cosmetic surgery started rolling, different procedures became sought-after by women who wanted to improve or enhance their body contour. In comes fat transfer breast augmentation – a new twist in the breast augmentation surgery. Know if this cosmetic surgery procedure is for you by reading basic information about this ‘organic’ plastic surgery procedure.


Fat transfer breast augmentation: What is it?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a type of breast enhancement surgery that uses your own body fat in increasing the size and volume of your breasts. It is a new innovation created for women who are hesitant to use artificial materials, like silicone or saline implants, to have bigger breasts.



Fat transfer breast augmentation: How does it work?

In the traditional breast augmentation, different incision areas may be created to accommodate the insertion of the breast implants into the body. When using the fat transfer breast augmentation, these incisions are a thing of the past. The procedure starts with liposuction – excess fat from all over the body gets vacuumed and harvested and placed in a sterile canister using a slim liposuction cannula. This fat is then transferred to the breasts using a thin tube that gently injected into the breast. The transferred fat settles within the breast tissues, and your boobs now gain volume instantly!


Fat transfer breast augmentation: Is it better than the traditional procedure?

The answer to this question would depend on the needs and preferences of the patient. Although both techniques in breast augmentation aim to enhance the size and volume of women’s (and sometimes men’s) breasts, these two techniques have their own share of benefits and limitations. Here are some of the things you may want to consider when thinking about undergoing fat transfer breast augmentation.

  1. It is natural. The material used to enhance the size and shape of your breasts came from your own body, compared to using foreign materials in the form of breast implants.
  2. It has a shorter downtime. Because no incisions are made with fat transfer breast augmentation, patients can anticipate that they can easily recover through this procedure. Most patients may feel discomfort for the first 1-3 days, then they are ready to go back to work.
  3. No very obvious scarring. As mentioned earlier, gone are the cuts made to the body when you use this breast enhancement procedure. Small punctures that are big enough to accommodate the introduction of the thin liposuction and fat transfer cannulas are all it takes to perform this procedure.
  4. Lesser need for maintenance. With breast augmentation, routine mammograms or MRI scans of the breasts are made to monitor the integrity of the breast augmentation and its implants. With Fat transfer breast augmentation, since you are using natural materials, you can go on with your life after the cosmetic procedure. It is as if nothing happened!
  5. It helps improve your overall body contour. Because liposuction is performed to get the fats needed to increase your breast volume, excess fats from your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs may be extracted and transferred to your breasts. This means you enjoy the benefits of having a slimmer figure on top of having fuller breasts!
  6. It is expensive. As mentioned earlier, since this procedure is considered two procedures in one (liposuction and the fat transfer breast augmentation), the fees may be higher when compared to the traditional breast augmentation.
  7. It may not last long. You can enjoy the benefits of having fuller breasts through Fat transfer breast augmentation for at least 6-8 months, some up to a year! However, there may be a chance that the fat transferred to your breasts may be reabsorbed by the body. Or if you are still trying to lose weight after the Fat transfer breast augmentation, there is a big possibility that the fats from your breasts may be lost.
  8. There is a limited increase in breast size. Because the fat material used does not have a shell to have an exact form, the shape of your breasts may not be as polished-looking compared to using breast implants. The fats can only be accommodated with a matrix in the breasts that stored body fat, so adding volume to your breasts may still be limited and the increase may be up to 1 to 1 1/2 cup sizes only.


Let this information guide you in choosing the best breast augmentation procedure that would suit your needs and beauty desires. We cannot recommend one over the other, so it is still best to discuss all your concerns with your plastic surgeon so he can determine which procedure will work best for you.

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