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We all know that most plastic surgery procedures, especially cosmetic in nature, are expensive here in Australia. That is why it is not surprising that a lot of women are interested in cheaper cosmetic surgery procedures done abroad. They fly to different countries where medical tourism is very popular. Let us discover one of these procedures, Thailand breast augmentation, and why it is a highly sought-after alternative for cosmetic surgery in Australia.


Thailand breast augmentation: The Hospital

Thailand breast augmentation procedures are performed in two of the biggest hospitals in Thailand, the Bumrungrad International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital. These hospitals are top-rated when it comes to performing cosmetic surgery procedures to foreign tourists. Bumrungrad International Hospital even claimed that in 2013, at least 400,000 international patients sought cosmetic surgery treatment in their establishment and around 8500 of these patients were from Australia.



Thailand breast augmentation: The Doctors

Thailand plastic surgeons who have gained international fame have claimed that they have studied and trained in western countries like the US and the UK, so their clinical knowledge is on the same level as that of those medical experts.



Thailand breast augmentation: The Cost

Yes, this is the main reason why Thailand breast augmentation is very interesting for Australian women nowadays. The thought of getting a boob job abroad that is more than half the price of that in Australia, now that sounds like an excellent deal, right?


Thailand Breast Augmentation: Things to consider

Let’s admit it; no surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic procedure is 100% risk-free anywhere in the world. You can undergo a procedure at the best hospital under the hands of the best doctor and still get a postsurgical complication. There is just no guarantee that nothing wrong can happen when you undergo a cosmetic treatment.

So, is Thailand breast augmentation, as one of the most popular medical tourism procedure, worth it? Know the answer to the following questions so you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

Do you know the reputation of your doctor? Breast augmentation is a major cosmetic surgery procedure. Knowing the person who you will entrust your life with during the operation is essential for your own safety and peace of mind. Is he board certified? What are his valid accreditations and is he licensed to perform such surgery?

Are you satisfied with the doctor’s work portfolio? Was he able to provide before-and-after image gallery for you to check out his work? Getting an idea of how the results of the breast surgery will look like makes it easier for you to feel at ease that you have made the right choice.

Do you know where the Thailand breast augmentation will take place? Evaluating the amenities and facilities of a hospital or clinic is always vital information. This fact ensures that necessary medical equipment and personnel are available when urgent care is needed.

Were all your questions satisfied with detailed and precise answers and explanations? Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with the whole idea of getting surgically enhanced that we forget some of the most critical questions we need to ask before pushing through with the operation. Make a list of all your questions, ask family or loved ones to help you formulate questions to ask your surgeon of choice, so you can fully evaluate his knowledge and expertise about your cosmetic surgery procedure.

What are the inclusions of the Thailand breast augmentation package? Knowing what is already included in the treatment package gives you an idea of how much more money you need to allot on things that are excluded. Also, ask your surgeon about the surgery travel warranty included in your service contract that guarantees your safety before, during, and after the procedure, should there be a need for revision surgery.


Knowing this information could somehow keep your mind at ease about your personal safety when thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, either here or elsewhere. Always remember that it is never too much to stay and keep safe.

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